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The latest real estate news and insights from Naples, Florida, and Beyond.

5 Common Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing a Waterfront Property

Living on the shoreline comes with an extra layer of responsibility, and individuals that own homes on the coast must be prepared when purchasing and maintaining their properties.

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Should You Purchase a Home in a Luxury High-Rise Building?

High-rise buildings offer an exciting lifestyle and luxury amenities that are not always available in single-family homes—or at least not to the same extent. Here’s what you should consider prior to purchasing a home in a high-rise.

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Port Royal Named Most Expensive Neighborhood in America

Located in southern Naples, Port Royal is the city’s premier waterfront community. In this neighborhood, you’re sure to be impressed by the opulent estates, breathtaking oceanfront views, and pristinely manicured streets.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Waterfront Property

Owning a piece of Naples waterfront real estate gives you the ultimate home experience. However, before you commit to a property on the water, be sure to ask yourself these four questions.

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Explore 4 Top Yacht Design Trends

From new design styles and amenities to groundbreaking technology like self-sailing ships, the yacht scene is becoming even more luxurious.

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Explore These 4 Popular Farmers Markets in Naples

Begin your week with a fresh start! Pick up delicious local produce and other assorted goodies at one of Naples’ Farmers Markets.

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Add These 4 Luxury Auto Auctions to Your 2019 Calendar

What pairs better with a luxury home than a luxury vehicle? If you’re looking for a classic car to cruise around in or hoping to add to your collection, be sure to check out these automobile auctions around Florida.

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Reflections on Glass Exhibit at Naples Botanical Garden

The Naples Botanical Garden is dedicated to conserving, discovering, engaging, and inspiring through nature. For a limited time, the Naples Botanical Garden is hosting an exhibit titled Reflections on Glass.

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4 Reasons Naples is a Best Beach Town in Which to Live

When it comes to ranking the best beach towns in which to live, Naples consistently tops the list. Let’s take a look at four reasons why Naples is one of the most sought-after beach towns in the world.

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